Judge Bonadio. Photo via Infobae.

Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio legally mandated yesterday that former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and her daughter Florencia pay the money they owe for their properties’ expenses and warned that, should they not cancel their debts, he would “initiate eviction actions.”

The warning was confirmed by their lawyer, Carlos Beraldi, during a hearing concerning the request of the Kirchner family accountant, Carlos Manzanares, to be released from prison. Manzanares was arrested last week on charges linked to the “Los Sauces” case.

Bonadio had accused Manzanares of obstructing justice by depositing rent money from Los Sauces into accounts that could be accessed by Máximo and Florencia Kirchner instead of into a judicial one, where it was supposed to go. “Bonadio is plotting another evil action,” Beraldi said.

Bonadio was specifically referring to the house that the former president has in Río Gallegos, in the Province of Santa Cruz, and the apartment in which her daughter lives in the city of Buenos Aires. The decision came once the official appointed by the judiciary to administer the real estate company “Los Sauces” — after the members of the Kirchner family were indicted for using it to launder money — explained that he had to pay the owed expenses.

Sources close to the Kirchner family told Infobae that the former president’s daughter could not pay her apartment’s expenses since late 2016 precisely because the company’s funds one of her main sources of income — were seized by Bonadio in the context of the case. The sources went on to say that Florencia Kirchner is willing to pay the debt, but simply cannot because her salary has also been seized.