Photo via Big Bang News

In a charitable ruling, Judge Marcelo Aguinsky rejected a case attempting to prevent the Government from acting on an emergency decree allowing goods stuck in customs to get donated. In simpler words: the judge authorized the state to continue donating goods stuck at customs to social organizations.

Ariel Radkievich, managing partner of the distribution firm that filed the case, “Distribuidora Catai”, claimed that the decree ‘illegally alters one’s right to private property’.

However, it seems like the judge wasn’t buying this take on property right, especially in light of the companies bringing these containers being the ones actually going against the law: a report by the office in charge of investigating economic crimes and money laundering (PROCELAC) pointed out that these companies tried to get the containers into the country through a series of maneuvers aimed at evading customs restrictions — evading taxes, for example.

‘It’s not reasonable to let these goods go to waste, when it’s of public knowledge that significant sectors of society are in need,’ argued the judge in his ruling.

A government ruling last year saw items held in customs be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Now it seems the BA government have taken a more philanthropic approach, with the Casa Rosada announcing that the 4700 containers seized by customs will be donated to areas affected by natural disasters.