Argentinian actress, and singer-songwriter Juana Molina bids farewell to 2016 next Thursday, November 17th, at Teatro Vorterix. Nos vemos Wed will be the last performance from her sixth studio album, Wed 21, released in 2013.

The concert comes after her European tour and a successful performance as part of the BUE festival that took place in Tecnópolis last month. Besides bringing in an end to the year, the show marks the end of an era before the release of what will be her seventh studio album next year.

Although best known for her work in the sketch comedy show Juana y sus hermanas which aired in the 1990s, her international success, especially throughout North America and Europe, has led to her garnering a strong local fanbase.

Her unique sound combines guitar strums and clanging percussions with a whimsical keyboard background, while her delicate voice adds a sense of harmony to the mix. What’s really special about Juana is that she produces her own music, layering the different elements using loop technology to create a final product that is nothing short of hypnotizing.


Thursday, November 17th | 9 PM


Teatro Vórterix | Av. Federico Lacroze 3455.

How much?

Tickets start at AR $180

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