Journalist Mercedes Ninci found herself treading less than friendly waters today while reporting from former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s “Los Sauces” case. Ninci was working for Radio Mitre, an outlet which is seen by some as pro-Macri, when she was hounded with insults and hostility outside the Comodoro Py courthouse, without any police intervention taking place.

This morning Ninci had her phone taken when trying to film the scenes and was reportedly assaulted. She took to twitter this morning to relay her experiences at the Comodoro Py.

New violence en C Py. They shoved me, they insulted me, they spat at me.

“I was waiting for an interview with Luis D’Elía (well-known Argentine activist) when they stole my phone. When I started to shout, they gave it back to me and D’Elía told them: ‘No, she’s a hard worker” she told TN.

It was also reported that chants howled, “Bonadio, you motherfucker, Cristina is of the people and no one can touch her; Te-le-sur! Te-le-sur! (making reference to a Venezuelan broadcasting agency (TeleSUR) known for having a similar ideology as the most of the Fernández de Kirchner administration.

Last year saw similar scenes, when Ninci was assaulted at the Comodoro Py during Cristina’s presentation of a written statement over the so called “Future Dollars” case.