imageedit_2_5351662985We are facing a renewed, dynamic Cariló, in full expansion and growth. The hotel business is in constant innovation thanks to the rise of digital communication, social networks, technology and connectivity, and while the offer is wide and the styles are varied, the human factor remains one of the keys when choosing the right option, whether it’s to invest or to vacation.

“We are in a market determined by a very selective tourist, one that has a high standard in regards to both service and general quality, so we have to remain up to date regarding world trends,” says Joaquín Bustillo, the man in charge of Celtis Cariló, a company with 12 years of experience and services in the area.

As a business man, he has ample experience in sorting through the commercial landscape this particular market offers. “This year the novelties are based on the CAT system (Celtis temporary rentals), a real innovation for both for us and for our clients.”

When asked what exactly does this means, his answer is straight to the point. “Basically, we offer the rental of apartments individually, based on the Airbnb system, which sets the trend. We bought the website in the Netherlands, the parameters were made in India and we brought it to Argentina. It’s offered in two languages with the same concept of efficiency, exhaustive filters and photos of the corresponding unit.”

When analyzing the market situation, Joaquín confirms that in the recent months, once the economic landscape has calmed down a bit and people have regained confidence in it, Cariló will emerge as a place with high occupation, great shopping opportunities, and good prospects for this season 2018. “Another item to highlight is the fact that investors think about Cariló in the long term, which gives us a lot of hope”, adds Joaquín.

“The last two seasons were complicated given that the country was very treading in uncertain waters, with changing policies and an uncertain future. The changes in the dollar made many tourists think of abroad as a holiday destination as well. The people that came here where those that knew the essence of Cariló, but this situation compelled us to be more efficient, better.”

“When we think about the changes that the place has gone through, we can find new proposals, activities, and a sustained growth not only in the hotel market, but also in Carilo’s general offer. That excites both local businessmen and tourists, who are already feeling those airs of hope in the area.”

“I love Cariló, and people are starting to come back. When compared to last years numbers, we are 20% above in terms of confirmations and reservations, and that difference comes precisely from the tourist who’s once more choosing Cariló for their vacations, which is great.”

But how do they get in touch with potential customers? As per Joaquin, there are many proposals for accommodation currently in the area, from hotels, apart-hotels, apartments with and without services, rental of houses, and so on. Digital media, websites and social networks have taken center stage when it comes to informing, and that is where the playing field becomes wide open. Behind any of these options there must be an incredible, informed, well functioning team that’s trained and updated to assist the client and provide all the advice he needs when deciding his stay in Cariló. Again, the human factor becomes differential.

Indoor pool at Arami Cariló. (Photo via Celtis Cariló)
Indoor pool at Arami Cariló. (Photo via Celtis Cariló)


Celtis manages properties in seven buildings: Sea Breeze, Sea Point, Sea View, Vizion Suites, Aguacalma, Torres de Mar and Boreas.

“With more than 200 properties and a track record of 10 years in the market, we put our energy in providing a service that’s distinguished for it’s quality throughout it’s history. We want the tourist to arrive and find everything he needs to enjoy Cariló at its maximum splendor. People look for and value departments that provide holidays for the whole family, that are more than just a room and a bed. Everyone enjoys comfort, spacious environments and privacy, but beyond that, they also want to enjoy the recreation, the pool, the grills, etc. Today’s tourist wants to be comfortable and relaxed, as well as connected with nature.”