Much like Grease, tonight we must dance in a gym. via

I got chills they’re multiplying… and not just because it’s ta fresco pa chomba. John Travolta has graced Buenos Aires with his groovy presence. Deep breaths!

He has been spotted by fans in Recoleta Cemetery the Obelisco MALBA La Medialunas de Abuelo in Castelar. Of course, the first place I look for any celebrity. Fans were in shock to see Danny Zuko, I mean – John casually buying his morning sugar high in provincia and took the opportunity extensively document it on social media like so:


Who can explain to me why Travolta is in Castelar?


He has also been sighted dining at the posh Bice in Puerto Madero, a more likely location for the man known for once spinning Princess Di around the dance floor, 80’s good man-hair, great dancing, and excellent taste in shoulder pads.


Travolta’s business in Argentina remains unclear, perhaps solely just the medialunas to which I say amen sister friend. He obviously not here to dance, as he has arrived just in time for #bolicheban2016. Maybe he is secretly here to save us all and tango with Macri until he changes his mind. Dance it out! The revolution will not be televised! A girl can dream.


The actor visited the country last year to look at buying land (perhaps with Mick Jagger in Chacarita cemetery, mic drop) and in 2009 on a promotional airline tour.


Now, listen carefully. If anyone sees John please let me know, I would like to tango out my Saturday night fever with the man himself. This has been your Friday Celebrity Report.


You can't do this in BA anymore. via Giphy.
You can’t do this in BA anymore. via Giphy.