Despite her best efforts, Joanna Picetti will not sit in Lower House of Congress after an appeals court confirmed an earlier ruling striking her from the Cambiemos ballot in Buenos Aires City.

Today, the Cámara Nacional Electoral (the highest electoral court) confirmed a decision by Judge María Servini de Cubría to remove Picetti from the Vamos Juntos lists before the election following a complaint from Cambiemos officials. They accused her of being unsuitable for the role as a lawmaker on account of accusations from her ex husband that she was abusive of her children. Elisa Carrió of the Civic Coalition (Coalición Cívica), who was leading the Vamos Juntos boletos, had been one of the most strident voices against Picetti. Charges stemming from those accusations have been dropped after judicial review and Picetti has always maintained that she is innocent.

Joanna Picetti's exclusion from Congress has been confirmed by an electoral appeals court. (Photo via Infobae).
Joanna Picetti’s exclusion from Congress has been confirmed by an electoral appeals court. (Photo via Infobae).

In an interview with Infobae, Picetti said that she felt that “they wanted to kick her out” but she would fight back because she can’t “tolerate the abuse of power.”

“Sometimes I get sad because I read the news and see that I’m labeled as the ‘rebel candidate,’ the ‘candidate who won’t do what she’s told to.’ And I ask, why if someone asks for my head I have to say ‘yes sir,’ and step down? No, I don’t agree with that, in no way. I lived this as an abuse of power against me and I won’t tolerate it. And that’s why I’m here telling my truth,” she said.

Servini de Cubría ruled against Picetti days before the October legislative elections, to which she responded with an appeal and promises to take up her seat. So much so that Picetti said that she considered herself a lawmaker-elect and appeared at the Lower House of Congress to be sworn-in with a notary public on December 6. Speaker Emilio Monzó barred her entry.

Today’s ruling confirms Servini de Cubría’s ruling, closing the door for the candidate. It remains to be seen who will replace Picetti in the Lower House.