The Japanese embassy celebrated its 120-year diplomatic relationship with Argentina at the Centro Cultural Kirchner last night. Vice-President Gabriela Michetti attended, along with several other Argentine officials. In addition to cultural celebrations such as performances, presenters emphasized the importance of Japanese investment in Argentina, which in 2017 amounted to a staggering US $1.624 billion.

Vice President Michetti talks with Ambassador Fukushima


Important figures at last night’s celebration included Vice President Gabriela Michetti, Minister of Foreign Relations and Culture Jorge Faurie, Argentine ambassador to Japan Alan Beraud, engineer Hernán Lombardi, and other members of the Executive branch.

“We very much admire the Japanese people. We have learned from them and admire their persistence, their tenacity, and their imagination. Today, their helping hand extends again to Argentina. I am hopeful because at this time, we are restoring our diplomatic relationship, something that had been lost during the last administration,” Michetti said.

The celebration displayed a slideshow of photos illustrating the story of Japan and Argentina’s bilateral relationship, in addition to tango and karate performances, several Japanese business stands, and even a Ramen tasting.

Florencia Zarate and Guido Palacios, winner of the 2013 world tango championships.
Florencia Zarate and Guido Palacios, winner of the 2013 world tango championships.


“We are very happy to mark 120 years in the history of friendship between Argentina and Japan,” Ambassador Fukushima said. “Even though the signing of the treaty marks the beginning of our official diplomatic relationship, the truth is that Japanese immigrants had been arriving here much earlier, at least 132 years ago. Which is all to say that our relationship is very long, and was always friendly.”