(Photo via diagonales.com)

Representatives from the camps of Elisa Carrió (Vamos Juntos), Daniel Filmus (Unidad Ciudadana,) and Martín Lousteau (Evolución) met Monday to discuss world domination the possibility of doing a televised debate next month before the October 22 midterms.

The debate featuring the three major congressional candidates in the city of Buenos Aires will take place in just under a month, on Wednesday, October 11, only eleven days before the midterm elections.

The debate will air on TN, during a special edition of the TV show “A dos voces.”

According to sources who participated in the negotiation, the areas to be discussed during this clash of titans will be corruption, drug trafficking and security, social development and the economy and education and human development.

In addition to the topics of the debate, the representatives from each camp agreed that the order of opening and close statements, as well as the physical arrangement of the podiums on stage, will be drawn randomly.

There was no mention of the candidates from the parties of 1País, FIT, or Autodeterminación y Libertad, so it is unclear if they will participate in the debate.

Honestly though, not many will miss them, it seems. Carrió, Filmus, and Lousteau accounted for a combined 80 percent of the PASO primary votes.

Should a brawl break out, we will not get to enjoy it live, as the debate will be pre-recorded. (I know. Sad face.)

Likely the only debate between the candidates running for National Deputy of Buenos Aires, it will be supervised by a committee of specialists from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Yay! According to El Cronista, another meeting will take place next week to finalize arrangements for the event.

We expect blood.