Photo via Perfil

It’s official! We are getting the bridge-holidays (feriados puente) back. After removing them this year, the government decided to go back to turning three-long holidays into extra-long holidays in “an attempt to promote touristic activity.” The initiative had already been approved by both chambers of Congress, but was published yesterday in the official bulletin, so this was the final step in making it a reality.

These feriados will likely occur on Mondays or Fridays that are sandwiched between a weekend and a Tuesday or Thursday that is already a national holiday, in order to create a four-day weekend.

Another part of the bill, which also aims at encouraging tourism within the country, declares that any movable national holidays that fall on a Tuesday or Wednesday will be moved to the previous Monday, and any movable national holidays that fall on a Thursday or Friday will be moved to the following Monday.

It still hasn’t been established which are the long holidays going to be, but we will be on our toes to begin planning those 4-day-long vacations in Santa Teresita del Mar as soon as the government makes the announcement.