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The Buenos Aires city justice department confirmed a first instance court ruling stating that real estate companies can no longer ask that two-month rent commission.

Specifically, agents won’t be able to ask for more than 4.15 percent of the total contract value (including expenses).

The verdict, which will go into effect next month, after the January judicial recess finishes, will benefit around 900 thousand tenants (a third of the City population) and makes the Buenos Aires Real Estate Brokers Association (CUCICBA) responsible for monitoring the enrolled state agents follow the rule.

The measure comes after the protective action initiated back in February 2016 by the Civil Association for Equality and Justice (ACIJ) and Grouped Tenants, and the ruling was made in December but was made public today, after all involved parties were notified.

Sebastián Pilo, co-director of the ACIJ, the case’s plaintiff, said they will continue fighting for tenants’ rights and the end of abuse that affects the right to housing.