WHY RAIN WHY. Photo via keeper745.rssing.com

There’s a lot to look forward to in the next five days — a lot of rain, that is — and I will be living under an umbrella while the sun is on hiatus until next Wednesday.

Today we will be getting what the meteorological world calls an “elevated disturbance,” which is basically a bubble of cold air that will be giving us some wet, foggy and humid weather.

Rainfall today and tomorrow will be sparse but prepare yourselves for a grey weekend. Here’s the breakdown according to the Weather Channel:

  • Today: 16º/12ºC and cloudy
  • Friday: 15º/11ºC and showers
  • Saturday:13º/11ºC and rain
  • Sunday: 15º/12ºC and rain / thunder
  • Monday: 15º/10ºC and rain
  • Tuesday: 13º/7ºC and showers
  • Wednesday: 13º/6ºC and MOSTLY SUNNY (with a 20 percent chance of rain)

Get ready to plunge into watery despair.