It’s Friday, it’s been a long week (even though Monday was a holiday. I know, right?), and our brains are pretty much on autopilot. Who wants to read about the news today? Not me. And quite probably none of you so stop judging me in silence. Since we’re completely checked out, let’s indulge in some good (bad) examples of political marketing, courtesy of the Partido Liberal Libertario (or the Liberal Libertarian Party – yes, it does exist) and controversial Salta senatorial candidate Alfredo Olmedo.

Let’s begin with the Partido Liberal Libertario, whose impressive efforts to gain some relevance in the twittersphere by using the hashtag #PLL usually get lost in an ocean of tweets posted by pimple-faced teenagers addicted to the mystery drama show Pretty Little Liars which, unfortunately, uses the same Twitter hashtag.

So while the may be appealing to voters by tweeting something like this…


…Twitter users end up paying attention to this:

But I digress. The PLL (the political party, not the TV show), is getting a bad rap these days, with people accusing it of being the Argentine version of the American Tea Party. The fact that their Twitter account only has 6,000 followers is not helping either. So what do you do in order to attract attention if you’re deprived of money (or voters)? You try to go viral, of course. And you can go viral by either doing something funny, like Elisa Carrió did, or doing something preposterous. The PLL decided to go the preposterous way and infuriate the Peronists by running an ad criticizing the very essence of Peronism, calling all of them lazy, from Cristina to Massa. And all that in a sing-along anti-Peronist version of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.

HAHAHAHA. Funny, right? Especially for the anti-Kirchnerites, who have been posting it all day because Peronism sucks, etc. So congratulations, PLL! You went viral and your Twitter account gained 67 followers. So yay.

If you though that was weird, wait until you see what’s coming next.

Salta, the magical province of wonder, tourism and murder is home to a conservative senatorial candidate Alfredo Olmedo. Olmedo gained national recognition back in 2009 and 2010, when he was warning of an impending apocalypse if Argentina legalized gay marriage. He could be regularly seen defending the sanctity of marriage, family values, and from time to time, cruising around Cocodrilo, Buenos Aires’ most popular “gentlemen’s club.”

One of Olmedo’s catchphrases – which he actually said once after an equal rights activists accused him of being close-minded – was: “Yes, my mind is closed. So is my ass.” Quite a statesman, he is.

Anyway, Olmedo also advocates for the return of the Draft, because as we all know that’s the only way young people can escape the drug world. “Oh my God, those young people are drinking beer and acting poorly in front of the cameras!” Enjoy.

Also, rapists have it so good that they go back to stalking their preys right in front of prison once they are released, so chemical castration for all.

Like I said, happy Friday.