Photo via elesquiu

It looks like we won’t have a debate between the senatorial candidates for the Buenos Aires Province in October’s midterms after all.

Through a spokesperson, former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner announced that she will not partake in the debate organized by TV channel TN, which will take place tomorrow night.

She had proposed to hold it in a public university in the Buenos Aires Province instead. However, there are two factors indicating that, unless a drastic change in the current circumstances, this won’t happen either: on the one hand, her main contender in the elections, Cambiemos’ candidate Esteban Bullrich, said that he wants to do it in the TV channel so the event “reaches more people.” On the other, deans of universities that had shown interest in doing it only sent a letter to the candidates ten days ago saying they intended to organize the debate, but there have not been any developments ever since.

TN was the one that got the closest to making it happen. The other four senatorial candidates – Bullrich, Sergio Massa (1País), Florencio Randazzo (Justicialist Front) and Néstor Pitrola (Leftist Workers’ Front) – had agreed to partake. But without the former President, the organizers decided not to hold it (plus, Bullrich would have refused, as his aides told press that he would have risked votes with no purpose). Instead, they will have live interviews with the present candidates. They will be in the studio at the same time, but won’t talk to each other and will answer questions separately.

As usual, the two main camps placed the blame on each other. Government representatives accused Cristina Kirchner of not wanting to debate at all. And the former President’s allies assured that Bullrich only wanted to partake in a debate held by an outlet they consider is friendly to the government.

The other three candidates, on their end end, accused both candidates of not wanting to debate in the first place and make up excuses.

This way, the only debate we will get to see on TN will be the one between the candidates for deputy in Buenos Aires City, which will take place next Wednesday.