US President Barack Obama may come to Argentina, just probably not for Macri's inauguration. Photo via Reuters.

Following rumors that there were “high chances” of Barack Obama attending President-elect Mauricio Macri’s swearing in ceremony on December 10 (LOL!), local media (and let’s be honest, some of us too) excitedly wondered if the US president could indeed be making his way to our shores.

Haha! Probs not.

And that’s OK because Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff, Chile’s Michelle Bachelet, Uruguay’s Tabaré Vázquez, Colombia’s Juan Manuel Santos, Peru’s Ollanta Humala and Paraguay’s Horacio Cartés are all expected to attend the inauguration ceremony anyway.

Some local media outlets say the US head of state is “expected to make a trip later next year,” but considering how much preparation Obama’s trips involved, it is highly unlikely that he’ll be visiting any time soon.

Haha, maybe next time. Photo via
Haha, maybe next time. Photo via

The US and Argentina haven’t had the smoothest of relationships during Cristina’s mandate as President, beginning with what the head of state considered a snub on Obama’s part when he didn’t drop by Argentina on his Latin American tour visiting “key leaders on the continent” (ouch). Let’s just say she hasn’t been too fond of “The North.”

Tumultuous Argentina-US relations may be seeing winds of change, however, with Macri in the Casa Rosada now, as many expect the new President to strengthen ties with the northern neighbor.

In fact, following Macri’s election, the US Congress asked Obama to prioritize its relationship with Macri’s Argentina, among which focal recommendations were:

  • Increase public policy
  • Initiate a high level of US-Argentina economic dialogue
  • Provide technical assistance on economic and trade issues
  • Support the resolution of arbitration claims and “holdout” bondholders
  • Encourage regional leadership
  • Improve counternarcotics cooperation

Well, at least François Hollande is apparently coming to Argentina?

I guess that will suffice.