A little post-Christmas treat might be in store for travelers as soon as December 27th, with five low cost airlines asking permission for new domestic and international flights at a public hearing, the first of its kind for eleven years.

If all goes to plan, 2017 flying could be a fair bit cheaper. Flybondi the most prominent low-cost contender is not the only name in the spotlight this time. With Alas del Sur, Andes, American Jet and Avianca composing a new wave of low-cost airlines, four of which (bar American Jet) are new to the domestic market.

However Flybondi is pushing the envelope even more by requesting permission to operate 99 routes, quite the extension from their November request of 12. Work could be moving at a fast pace for Flybondi with successful compliance to rules and regulations could see operations beginning in as little as six months.

Here’s a breakdown of the airlines’ individual plans:

Flybondi:  99 routes which will include 56 domestic routes and 43 international flights. Maybe ask for some Samba lessons over the Christmas break as Brazil is a particular area of interest with the company including the spots such as Porto Alegre, Río de Janeiro, Fortaleza, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, San Salvador de Bahía and Florianópolis.

Alas De Sur: 21 regular routes all departing from Córdoba, including nine international flights which will see destinations including Miami and Shanghai amongst other. Not stopping there, this airline plans on seeing 3 A320 aircraft by April 2017 , doubling this number by the end of the year and scheduling a turnover of some $595 million with 1,460 employees by 2022.

American Jet: Nine routes all based from Neuquén. One route added would be the Neuquén-Temuco-Santiago de Chile, a pesky journey usually taken by car. The new flight would feature two daily flights boarding 20 passengers per plane.

Avianca: 16 routes with the hope of expanding over the next fifteen years. For now the plan is for the majority of flights to be domestically based alongside two international flights to Porto Alegre (Brazil) and Montevideo (Uruguay).

Andes Líneas Aéreas: The only airline that already operates regular domestic flights. It will be bidding for seven more routes from Buenos Aires, four domestic and three international flights to Lima, Santiago and Sao Paulo

You can read the full list of planned routes here.

So what’s the magic behind low cost airlines? Not allowing cancellations, operating in volume and having to pay extortionate rates for baggage so pack frugally folks!