Photo via MinutoUno.

In response to the news that a team of experts, including Central Bank (BCRA) head Federico Sturzenegger, had traveled to the province of La Rioja last weekend to identify the Taruca deer that is due to feature on the new AR $100 note, the Internet, in all of its magnificence, has logically proceeded to mock the hell out of the incident.

The new animal bills are part of a government initiative to introduce new peso note designs as well as higher denominations, however the move has not been without controversy. Earlier this year, the Argentine mint released an image of the new AR $200 bill featuring a native Austral whale, which, to the untrained eye, appeared to be upside-down. Cue widespread ridicule, followed by a public apology from Sturzenegger and a promise to review the design. Poor guy can’t win.

“Sturzenegger is preparing the photo to include [pet from Married with Children] on the AR$ 1 million (sic) bill… what do you think?”

“Sturzenegger: ‘6 hours, 1 minute. Ascend right 14 degrees. Decline 22 minutes…there aren’t any tarucas..”

“Sturzenegger went to La Rioja to take photos of the taruca, so as to not repeat the whale debacle. Are there no photographers? Does he not know how to Google?”

“After Sturzenegger told him about interest rates.”