Women in Madrid hold signs with the same rallying cries that have been used in previous marches in Argentina. Photo via Fernando Alvarado, EFE agency.

As you may have noticed — unless you live inside a Tupperware — today is International Women’s Day. “What? An internationally celebrated day to celebrate women? Or a day to celebrate international women?” I hear you ask. Well, kind of both, kind of neither. This day is about celebrating the achievements of women throughout history, as well as recognizing the continuing struggle for gender equality.

Since 1975, the UN has chosen a theme for IWD each year. This year’s theme is “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030”. It seeks to create equality in the workplace, to close the gender pay gap, to increase women’s exposure to a broader range of careers, and reducing the concentration of women in informal economies (unregulated, unprotected, often domestic, work).

This theme is also backed up by a campaign. It’s rallying cry this year is #BeBoldForChange. Here are a few pictures of the different demonstrations across the globe: