An international campaign launched by the City Government inviting tourists from all over the world to visit Buenos Aires backfired after a series of mistakes that were mocked in the local media this week.

Featuring the smiling face of football superstar Lionel Messi right below the phrase “Don’t miss Buenos Aires,” the campaign has been launched in several cities around the world.

Problem is, while Lionel Messi is indeed a renowned Argentine, he hasn’t lived in Argentina for many years. He lives in Barcelona, remember? I mean, we couldn’t be prouder for the guy and his Argentine citizenship, but he’s not even from Buenos Aires, he’s from Rosario.

And not only that they also messed up their social media stuff a bit, here and there.

You see, according to, the campaign was developed by the City’s Tourism Agency with the idea of creating and promoting Buenos Aires as a brand, especially since the city will be hosting the Summer Olympic Youth Games in 2018.

So as part of its “brand,” the City chose an obvious social media handle: TurismoBA, which you can see right there on the ads, right next to the Facebook and Twitter icons. If you go to their Facebook page you will in fact come across a neatly organized Facebook page with an impressive 349K followers. Now, if you look them up on Twitter it will lead you to, well, Lucy Barcelos.

Yes, poor Lucy Barcelos, who innocently joined Twitter in 2011 and registered the Twitter handle @TurismoBA, has only tweeted 14 times since she created her account. And while she may not be a huge Twitter fan, the City’s international campaign is telling millions of people to go to her page.

The press representative for the City’s Tourism Office, Federico Morales, assures they made a “conscious decision” when they picked TurismoBA as their brand identity because “it was a name that people would recognize and remember.” It was, however, “never supposed to be their Facebook and Twitter handles.”

But Federico, this is Marketing 101! If you put your brand name right next to those little Facebook and Twitter icons, it is only natural to assume that that is exactly what your social media handles are going to be.

Sounds like someone messed up somewhere in the creative production process. Poor Lucy.

But despite this, Morales said that they are very happy with the campaign they created and that “it has experienced a high level of acceptance in many different countries.”

You can thank Messi’s big grin for that one.