In love with your local curbside music options? Well today is the day to share a video of your favorite street performer using #InternationalBuskingDay to help their art be even more visible.

Busk in London started a movement making today, Saturday July 23rd International Busking Day.

Buenos Aires joins the global celebration of busking, an international event that brings  street performance and music together by sharing it across participating cities. The concept behind International Busking Day is to not only raise the profile of popular art forms but also to entertain and challenge a couple of misconceptions linked to the idea of ‘busking‘. Some of the cities that will be joining in the action include New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Toronto and our very own Buenos Aires.

PrintThose who’ve been in Buenos Aires for any amount of time will know that street performers here are a part of the city’s rhythm and lifeforce. From funky human statues in the middle of the busy tourist streets to a saxophone player on the subte.

DynaMike Trafalgar Square London by Sonja Bird

More details about International Busking Day and the cities taking part visit their website.

Happy #InternationalBuskingDay Argentina!

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