Peter Thiel, author of Zero to One wrote, “The most valuable businesses… will be built by entrepreneurs who seek to empower people rather than try to make them obsolete”.

High-end entrepreneurs, technology pioneers, creators of world-renown video games, are making up this year’s speakers list for InnovatiBA. Or, as Peter Thiel defines them: builders of invaluable businesses.

You might be skeptical, but Joan Cwaik, co-producer, co-director, and host of InnovatiBA has said it himself: “We’re bringing speakers from all over the world who will be commenting on the future of jobs, education, health, and entrepreneurship”.

Going on to its fifth edition, InnovatiBA is back once again. This year, Buenos Aires Emprende, lead by Santiago Sena, the government of Buenos Aires, and the Equipo Bulat or Bulat Team came together to take on what Cwaik describes as “the most important (event) in terms of technology and science in Buenos Aires”.

To give you an idea, Solange Massa is scheduled to go on stage; her most recent invention is a chip which replicates the functionality of the human liver. Even the concept is difficult to wrap your head around.

The focus of the event will be on the impact disruptive and exponential technologies have on our world in terms of entrepreneurship, jobs, health, and education. “We will be talking about the future. We’ll be illustrating what it means to be human in a world where we will be coexisting with machines” explains Cwaik.

Speakers will be taking on concepts such as Blockchain technology, exoskeletons, machine learning, Bitcoin, and, of course, what it means to be an entrepreneur in Argentina.

To our surprise, Cwaik defined Argentina as a prime location for start-ups, due to the country’s cultural entrepreneurial inclination. If you’ve lived in Argentina long enough, you’ve probably acted like an entrepreneur at least a handful of times. “Our country is constantly changing, and we’ve got the innate ability to adapt to all of its fluctuations. Argentines have learned how to create solutions despite the country’s abundance in obstacles and shortage of resources” claims InnovatiBA’s host.

An entrepreneur is someone who can identify a problem, and adapt in the most efficient of ways. Or an individual who manages a business cataloged as groundbreaking and risky. And risk is something Argentines know all too well.

Now, with the law of emprendedores, or the entrepreneurs’ law, progress in Buenos Aires’ entrepreneurial environment may slowly begin to take shape. Cwaik commented on “the country’s opening up of commerce and the legislation of new technologies such as drones” being a considerable step forward for entrepreneurs in Argentina.

Foto via: @BAEmprende
Foto via: @BAEmprende


InnovatiBA will highlight Buenos Aires’ most influential factors since the event’s two main focuses will be entrepreneurship and technology. Start-ups in Buenos Aires have a significant link to technology. Remember the satellite Milanesat? Satellogic is the Argentine start-up behind the world’s best-named-satellite. And that’s just one of many examples.

The event will be filled to the rim with entrepreneurs of the ilk, including Luciana Reznik, founder of Wolox, and Andy Freire whose accomplishments are even hard to summarize. But you get the picture.

The event is scheduled for June 27th and is limited to 1500 entries. However, 1000 admissions will be distributed for free.