A prank article stating that the next Star Wars film would be filmed in Argentina fooled other media outlets yesterday. Source: Wikipedia

This week, on bullshit: no, Star Wars is not going to be filmed in Argentina and there will not be a new Titanic series.

So, there was “news” yesterday that the next Star Wars, episode VIII, was set to be filmed in Argentina next year in the Andes and the province of Mendoza. How cool would that be? The sweeping mountains, amazing Malbec wine between takes…

Except that it’s not happening. Yesterday was the Innocents’ Day (día de los inocentes) in Argentina, our April Fool’s Day.

La Cosa magazine, which specializes in cinema and entertainment, broke the “news” in jest. Unfortunately, websites such as Rating Cero did not get the joke and ran the story as being the real scoop: director Rian Johnson was apparently set to scout locations with the photography crew. In July 2016 the actors were set to come to Argentina to film scenes in a “cold, inhospitable planet.”

At least they quoted La Cosa as their source.

Rating Cero ran the prank news story as real yesterday. Oops. Photo via Rating Cero (Screenshot)
Rating Cero ran the prank news story as real yesterday. Oops. Photo via Rating Cero (Screenshot)

It gets better: Sensacine, another entertainment media outlet, published the shocking news that Titanic is making a comeback in the form of a new series starring the beloved couple Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet.

Wait. What?

That’s what should have gone through everybody’s minds but once again, Rating Cero published the story as real. The story went that Jack in fact survived, despite sinking like a stone into the icy black waters, and was taken by the current to the Isle of Demons off the coast of Canada. He supposedly lived in Newfoundland for 20 years and made it his mission to find his true love again.

I don’t even know where to begin. Maybe with the fact that the Isle of Demons does not even exist? Or that the whole premise of Jack surviving makes no sense and would override the plot of the film? Or that being Innocents’ Day you have to be careful with “surprising” news?

This time the article included jewels such as Di Caprio’s “happiness [on] discovering that Jack found a way to move forward.” The two actors were apparently overjoyed at playing Jack and Rose again: Winslet was quoted as having felt “guilty [all these years] for not having checked if the plank could have held both their weight.”

Slow clap.

Both articles included caveats below at the end of the day, revealing the prank.

Sensacine: “ATTENTION! This article is an inocentada (Innocents’ Day prank)

La Cosa: “Now that we’ve convinced you, we’re sorry. Because this is just an elaborate Innocent’s Day deceit :) Don’t hit us.”