Consumer price inflation hit 2.3 percent in March, according to the INDEC. (Noticias Argentinas / Daniel Vides)

Consumer prices increased by 2.3 percent in March, bringing the inflation rate in 2018 so far to a cumulative 6.7 percent.

The Central Bank has set an inflation target of 15 percent for 2018. The rate was 2.4 percent in February and 1.8 percent in January.

Consumer Inflation March 2018 INDEC Argentina by The Bubble on Scribd

According to the INDEC, the single-biggest price increase was in the education sector (13.8 percent), followed by household goods (4.5 percent), and shoes and clothing (4.4 percent).

Compared to a year ago, prices have increased by an average 25.4 percent around the country.

Core inflation, a key variable, was 2.6 percent whereas regulated prices went up by 2.0 percent in March. In February, core inflation compared to January 2018 was 2.1 percent, whereas regulated prices increased 4.8 percent.

In terms of regional differences, March saw disparities in the distribution of price increases, as the biggest jumps were in Patagonia and Northwest at 3.1 percent. The Pampas saw the smallest increase (1.9 percent), with a 1.1 percent decrease in prices of housing and utilities. Prices went up 2.5 percent in population-dense Greater Buenos Aires, 2.4 percent in the Northeast and 2.1 percent in Cuyo.