Another person reported missing from the calamitous Indio Solari concert last Saturday was found yesterday some 678 kilometers from the concert site, which took place in the city of Olavarría. Rodrigo Antonio Job was spotted at 5:45 AM in a pub located in Villa María, a city in the province of Cordoba.

According to press, the 33-year-old hard-core Indio fan didn’t speak with his family since February, after he broke up with his partner, and they believed he was living in an empty lot in the city of Córdoba. The family discovered via Facebook reports that he was one of the 300 people who attended the concert and went missing after.

His mother, Lia María Blanco pioneered a Facebook campaign to help locate her son, writing “I want to be strong, but I can assure you, that my desperation, is growing more and more, the days go by and Rodrigo Antonio Job, 33, hasn’t appeared” and circulating photos of him.

“Thank you God, thanks to the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal, thank you very much to all of you for the love and affection,” she later posted after he was discovered.

According to multiple sources, even though police are assuring the public that all missing people were found, another man, 26 year old Claudio Rafael Cabral is still missing. As with many others in his situation, he is reported to have left for the concert and has not successfully made contact with friends or family since.