Popular movie-streaming app Popcorn Time (in its most famous iteration, popcorntime.io) has, once again, been shut down this week.

Described as “unstoppable” last year, popcorntime.io was dealt a heavy blow from the inside, when a substantial portion of its key software developers walked out on the project.

One of these developers, identified simply as Wally (a convenient name if you want to stay hidden), spoke with the site Torrent Freak and revealed that the site’s servers had all been deactivated and that he and his remaining colleagues were unable to do anything more for the site.

The site, a free-but-not-exactly-legal, torrent-based web application first developed in Argentina was a beloved substitute for paid video streaming services like Netflix.

Users are now left with the less popular versions, like time4popcorn. But before you try to hit up time4popcorn on the rebound, keep in mind the site is an alleged hub of viruses and adware. Wear protection, kids.

We all know how you feel, Tantrika. #prayersforpopcorntime