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If you just can’t handle rush hour traffic you’ll soon be able to take a helicopter to or from Ezeiza to downtown Buenos Aires. After more than two years of construction and an investment of US$5 millons, the private transport company Manuel Tienda León known for its taxis and buses that take people to and from the airports, is about to add another option for harried traelers.

The cost for the approximately eight-minute ride? Around US$200, CEO Christian Tienda told  Apertura.

“We are finishing the construction of a heliport in the Catalinas area, as well as  developing an app that meets the expectations of the sophisticated customers who would be interested in this new service,” Tienda said.

According to the company’s estimates, construction on the heliport will be finished by November, at which point they’ll have to wait for authorization to begin flying. If all goes well it means the service should be operational by the summer.

Photo via Apertura
Photo via Apertura