Last night, I lay in bed watching my cat, Ringo, stare at what I thought were the blinking Christmas lights on my balcony. Dumbass cat, I thought. There’s nothing there. It’s just LIGHTS! Little did I know, there was an insect invader out there, and Ringo was doing his duty, protecting his castle, also known as my apartment, from a potentially deadly invader — a moth.

That’s right — a moth. Moths are like ugly, brown butterflies that spend their days stationary, sitting next to lights, convincing cats that they’re worth hunting. Other than that, there’s pretty much nothing noteworthy about moths.

Or is there?

In a fitting end to a pretty shitty summer that began with police strikes all over the country, moths have apparently invaded Buenos Aires. How do we know? Well the media is going crazy about it, of course. And they are letting us know – in case you were not aware – that they do not pose a health risk.

But there’s still paranoia out there, and it’s mostly because of Twitter. Twitter is the best place to talk about shit nobody cares about, and moths definitely fall into that category. But when moths start to trend on Twitter, you know something’s up. I mean, even Marcelo Tinelli’s girlfriend, Guillermina Valdes, is worried enough to tweet about it, and this is apparently breaking news for some local journalists.

Apparently these moths are no dummies, because they came from Argentina’s better half, Uruguay, where they stocked up on some dank and totally legal herb before heading down to Buenos Aires to plant themselves on our balconies and torture our cats.

I’d usually be more critical of the kind of attention moths are receiving, but the truth is, we need all the distractions we can get these days.