(Photo via REUTERS/Ruben Sprich)

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director, Christine Lagarde will be in Argentina next week, Infobae reported this afternoon.

She is scheduled to meet with President Mauricio Macri, Treasury Minister Nicolás Dujovne and Central Bank (BCRA) Governor Federico Sturzenegger. She is also scheduled to participate in an event organized by the Di Tella University (UTDT).

Besides her own schedule, Lagarde is set to attend the G20’s first meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors of 2018, which will take place in the country on March 19 and 20.

Last time an IMF Managing Director came to Argentina was in 2003, when German Horst Köhler paid a visit to then-President Néstor Kirchner and Economy Minister Roberto Lavagna.

The relationship between the country and the organization then broke in 2006, when Argentina stopped agreeing to consultations after Néstor Kirchner paid off the country’s debt to the IMF in full that year. The Kirchner administration, echoing the sentiment of many embittered Argentines, argued that the IMF was partially to blame for the country’s spectacular economic collapse in 2001.

Relations remained frozen until the end of the second Fernández de Kirchner administration, and for 10 years Argentina was the only member of the G20 not to have its accounts (officially) checked by the multilateral organization. However, the Macri administration made amends with it once it took office, and the IMF officially went back to reviewing the Argentine economy in 2016.