Photo via La Noticia 1

Former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner yesterday went on the offensive against Federal Prosecutor Guillermo Marijuan for, in her opinion, conducting a biased investigation against her with the sole purpose of putting her behind bars. Cristina reached this conclusion after an audio message surfaced in which Marijuan can be heard telling someone (journalist Luis Majul claims the audio was a strict off the record directed at him) that Cristina would be on the verge of being taken into custody as a result of a judicial decision he had made.

“Tell him/her (the audio doesn’t specify gender) that the most important thing, besides the call for questioning, is that I leave her on the verge of being taken into custody by preventing her from leaving the country and force her to appear before the judge,” Marijuan says, allegedly to Luis Majul.

The prosecutor was making reference to his request of having both Cristina and former Economy Minister Axel Kicillof called in for questioning for allegedly hiding information in their testimonies regarding their involvement in a case evaluating whether the Kirchner administration willfully covered-up the sizable international financial transactions linked to Lázaro Báez — the controversial businessman at the center of the “K Money Trail.” As the audio also mentions, Marijuan requested Cristina and Kicillof be forbidden from leaving the country until their alleged involvement in the case is cleared up formally.

The case began on June 10, but reached the public eye after the political TV show Periodismo Para Todos (PPT) showed confidential documents from seven banks that were handed over to a hedge fund called NML in 2013 by the US judicial system regarding Argentina’s payment of defaulted bonds, better known as the “vulture funds” case.

According to Lanata’s show, the information on these suspicious transactions, which amounted to an alleged US $492 million overall, reached the offices of Argentina’s former Treasury Prosecutor, Angelina Abbona, in 2013, but were willfully hidden from the judicial system. Marijuan argues there’s no way Cristina didn’t know about this for two different reasons:

  • The Treasury Prosecutor, head of the administration’s lawyers, answers directly to the president.
  • And that this was (and is) an extremely present topic in the country’s political conversation, especially because the alleged links existing between Lázaro Báez and the Kirchner family.


“Clarín makes up a ‘report’ and the judicial party attacks. Political persecution, media harassment and the fall of the State, to be able to execute their plan to lead the population to misery,” reads a part of the rant.

Hours later, Victory Front (FpV) Deputy, Rodolfo Tailhade, officially requested Marijuan be impeached because of the audio.