Since Monday, La Garganta del Diablo – or “Devil’s Gorge” if you will – one of Iguazu Falls’ most popular attractions, has been closed off due to an insanely unusual high water level. Now, you probably know that this happens quite regularly, as increased water levels sometimes cause parts of the waterfall to be closed down. However, this year, ‘high water levels’ are a bit of an understatement. This year, it’s something like out of a disaster movie.

Usually these massive waterfalls have a water flow of around 1,500 cubic meters per second. In 1992, water flow had reached a record amount of 36,000 cubic meters per second. But that was nothing compared to now: officials have said that  a new record of 45,7000 cubic meters per second has been reached. This is 33 times larger than the usual water flow.

Congratulations on the new record, Iguazu Falls. Please don’t kill us.

Check out this video to see what all that water looks like.




Authorities have decided to close off the falls “for our own safety because, of course. That platform that is being flooded by all that water is, on a normal day, filled with tourists admiring the powers of the Iguazu Falls. Hell, chances are you probably stood there one time!

Still not impressed? How about now?



I know, right? But we also have some good news! You can still view the waterfalls from a distance, and more importantly, the floods haven’t affected any people living in the area, and are also not expected to in the upcoming days.

It is unclear when the water will subside and how long it is going to take to fix all the damage, but in 1992, the floods broke several parts of the walking path and it took over 20 days to fix everything, which is not that bad. We can assume that preserving this country’s natural wonders is a top priority, and we aren’t complaining.