Here it is. The most ridiculous and disturbing thing we’ve seen on Facebook in a while.

A bunch of guys living in Tanti, a small town in the Córdoba province, decided that it would be fun to get their pet dog completely drunk and then rape it because, hey, they were bored. Oh, and  that’s not all. According to Perfil, they decided that it would be even cooler to post the whole thing – photos included – on Facebook.

In one of their photos they can be seen pouring liquor down the poor animal’s throat while having a laugh and posing for the camera. The photographs caused the immediate outrage of the town’s population who were disturbed and outraged by them. As I am right now.

The photos were deleted eventually, but the damage was done and the story was out. The Argentine Institute for Animal Protection (IPAD) found out about it and pressed charges against them so at least the authorities can rescue the dog from these lunatics who decided to torture an animal out of sheer boredom and a lack of neurons.

The local authorities have launched an investigation and I really hope these idiots are arrested as soon as possible.

Cinthia Daglio, who leads the IPAD, says the organization “will continue to pursue the case because they consider it a despicable act.” Let’s hope that’s the case.

(Featured photo via Perfil)