Our honor has been restored. After this ridiculous embarrassment, we were left scrambling for a place in the world. And now that Argentina has won the 1st Ice Cream Latin American Championship, our chance to take back what rightfully belongs to us may be within our grasp since we are qualified to compete in the World Championship.

Yeah, this may come as a shock to some of you but it seems there are other countries making ice-cream out there and they can create better ice cream. Haha. Suckers.

So, after losing the World Asado Championship (let’s not even go there), we now have the chance to prove that we have the best dulce de leche granizado in the whole world! If you have tried that place Arkakao on Santa Fe Av. you know what I mean.

So forget about football, the nasty panchos con papas pay  that cost like 50 pesos at the stadium, and go cheer up for Argentina at the  “Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria” (yes, it’s a real thing).

I can’t wait for 2014 when the championship takes place and we lose to, I don’t know, Kiribati.

(Story via Infobae)