Photo via Diario el Argentino

Tis the season for long lines and budget tightening. The start of the highly anticipated sale of low-cost train tickets for the months of December, January, February and March has finally kicked off with hopeful passengers turning out in their hundreds, flocking to railway stations throughout Buenos Aires to get in line and hope.

The real draw behind these train tickets is that they are significantly cheaper than even standard bus fares to destinations in the north of the country and to the Atlantic coast. People swarmed the ticketing offices in Constitución and Retiro, forming massive lines – some of which lasted for days. Railway operators like the state-owned Trenes Argentinos, had to double the number of ticketing locations and staff as a result of the overwhelming demand.

Some went as far as to camp out for these tickets. In Constitución, those hoping to travel to vacation hot-spots such as Mar Del Plata determinedly hunkered down with chairs, food and mate provisions they had brought with them to get through the wait.

May the odds be ever in your favour vacationers.