#Pimpmyfactura is your chance to acquire amazingly accessible works of art by bad ass visual artists while rescuing community daycares of the Greater Buenos Aires.

Starting tonight and through August 14th, Centro Cultural Rojas’ art gallery is where you will find the 43 handmade artworks painted, drawn, stenciled and collaged by top notch street artists and graphic designers from Buenos Aires and abroad who donated their talent to #pimpmyfactura.

george manta
Artist George Manta designed Devendra Banhart’s poster for his upcoming BA show. He also drew Devendra on a hardware store estimate for charity. Photo: PMF

The #pimpmyfactura project won an advertisement contest last year for its concept linking art and charity in a very concrete way. Copywriter Enzo Ciucci and artistic director Felipe Rostagnol proposed to have community day care centers’ bills painted by artists and then to sell the pieces as art for the price of the amount owed, with proceeds going precisely towards that expense. “Art is a very powerful tool for change. Just look at street art that transforms a downtrodden wall into a work of art. We thought of a conclusive way of putting art at the service of those in need”, Ciucci says.

To make this project happen, he and his partner linked up with Fundación Publicidar, an organization that caters to community daycares of the deprived suburbs of the Argentinian capital. “We provide a place for over 550 kids between the ages of 2 and 5. The teachers keep them stimulated with art and exercise to prepare them for elementary school. We run on donations, being communitary means that we receive no state funding”, Publicidar Director Marta Pereira explains. “These daycares require a lot of renovations, they are in areas that often get flooded so we need a lot of materials”, Pereira adds.

And it is these bills and construction material estimates that artists were handed to pimp up. Renown figure of the visual arts scene, paste up artist and UBA graphic design teacher, Tano Veron is one of the first artists to have accepted #Pimpmyfactura’s challenge. He turned a paint store invoice for 1.468,19 pesos into a 35 x 50cm mixed media canvas with one of his signature phrases.

veron Collage1jpeg
Tano Veron’s piece, in the process and final. The original invoice is pasted into the canvas. Photo courtesy of the artist


“The original bill is collaged and pasted into the canvas that I later painted and stenciled, among other techniques. What I love about #Pimpmyfactura is that there’s a magical aspect. Symbolically, turning something negative –like debt– into something positive –like art– is almost like alchemy in its concept”, Veron believes.

Among other notorious artists of the independent visual arts on show at the Centro Cultural Rojas and who’s pieces can be purchased through pimpmyfactura.com are Pedro Perelman, Gordopelota, El Marian, Diego Roa, George Manta, Peyi, @Yacarébaby, to name just a few. So get ready to charge it and get some paintings on your walls while you help these daycares get some paint on theirs. And since this is Argentina, the artworks can be purchased in cuotas. Pimpin’.

Muralist and painter Gordopelota’s typical futbol scenes can be appreciated all around the city and on this paint store estimate. Photo: PMF

Where: Centro Cultural Rojas, Corrientes 2038, Buenos Aires

When: August 4th-14th, 2017. Inauguration today at 7pm.