Photo Courtesy of Marty Photography

It’s carnaval, it’s the weekend, and there is a solar eclipse this Sunday. Whether you fancy fate, coincidence, or don’t bother with superstition, you cannot deny this weekend will be one for the books. If you are an early riser, catching this natural phenomenon will be a breeze. If you plan on dancing ’til bar close (ha, what’s that?), you can stay up an extra hour or two and witness the wonder.


There are two types, a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse. This Sunday is a solar eclipse, meaning the moon will pass between the earth and sun, slowly covering and uncovering the rays from our view. The amount the moon’s orbital aligns between solar and Earth orbitals matters, too, changing the amount the moon covers the sun. This Sunday is an partial eclipse, meaning the orbitals are not as closely aligned, so the sun will only be partially obscured.


According to Clarin’s work with Chubut’s Channel 7, the eclipse will start at 9:31 AM this Sunday, reaching maximum coverage (65.6 percent) at 10:53 AM, and end at 12:23 PM.


If you can see the sun from your location in the city, you will be able to see the eclipse. If you want a clear view and a natural vibe, why not head to a park mate in hand?


Remember that staring directly at the sun is a health hazard, and simply wearing sunglasses is NOT enough protection. Check out this video for a low-down on how to watch without burning those retinas.

Take a break this Sunday, go to the park with friends, and chat while watching nature’s mathematical genius align into something awe-inspiring. While the eclipse is only partial in Buenos Aires, around the globe people will be oo-ing and awe-ing over the same sun.