The Lower House.

Representatives of the country’s main opposition parties came out to criticize the government’s decision to begin negotiations with the International Monetary Fund for financing. While some plainly rejected the agreement, reminiscing on the massive crisis the country experienced in 2001, others asked that any potential agreement be discussed in Congress – to, presumably, block it. This is what they said.

Frente Para la Victoria Caucus Leader Agustín Rossi

“Our utmost rejection to the recent announcement made by the President regarding the negotiations to access financing from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

“We demand the Executive Branch that any agreement with the IMF, prior to its approval, be thoroughly debated in Congress.”

“Nothing of what wants to be agreed on with the IMF has to be decided behind the backs of the Argentine people.”

“There is a lot of anguish and uncertainty among Argentines. Employment issues, growing inflation, increase of the exchange rate, bills that cannot be paid, and inability to make ends meet. Some of these problems are going to be solved by the IMF? On the contrary, everything will be worse.”

Partido Justicialista caucus leader, Pablo Kosiner

“We have gone back to having an economy that depends on the mood of the financial system. Our party had already argued about the need to change the course of the economy, prioritizing policies aimed at boosting the industrial system and production.”

“The first thing we need is more information. Know how much debt the President wants to issue, under what conditions and at what rate. We need to be cautious and responsible.”

Frente Renovador

The Frente Renovador issued a press release saying the following: “We suggest the government stop being arrogant and start listening to those who want to help improve the present and future of the Argentine people, instead of resorting to the IMF for help and advise. We propose choosing a path of growth spurred by production, labor and growth of small and medium-sized companies, and not the path of austerity measures, carry trade measures and the issuing of debt. It is false that there is only one way, it is false that any alternative is demagogic, and it is false that the cause of this crisis is the international context, given that we are the only country that, due to the negligence of its government, ended up in this situation.”

Frente de Izquierda Deputy Nicolás Del Caño

“Returning to the IMF will mean more austerity measures against the working class. More debt in exchange for worse life conditions for the masses.”

“It means returning to the 90’s playbook written by [former Economy Minister Domingo] Cavallo. But the working class and the people are not willing to go back to those known measures that impoverished millions. The working class needs to impose a way out to this war declaration made by Macri.”