Caren Tepp, one of the candidates of Ciudad Futura. (Clarín)

A federal judge with electoral jurisdiction in Santa Fe is fed up with the national quota law, which dictates a minimum number of women on the ballots of each party in a legislative election. One party took that law to heart, submitting a list of candidates for the upcoming election comprised entirely of women. Judge Reinaldo Rubén Rodríguez demanded today that the party ticket incorporate men within 24 hours to be considered for elections.

Ciudad Futura, an up-and-coming party from Rosario, describes its constituents as “common people doing uncommon things.” Among these things is its “100% female” candidate list, the first ever in national legislative elections. Topping the list is Second Deputy Mayor Caren Tepp, followed by fourteen other women, including a journalist and a renowned human rights lawyer.

Judge Rubén Rodríguez thinks they have gone too far. He contests that Ciudad Futura does not respect the quota law. Ciudad Futura disagrees. “He is distorting the spirit of the law, which guarantees a minimum level of participation, and not a maximum,” said leaders of the party, who call themselves militantes. They see their political effort as part of a cultural directive toward a less machista and more egalitarian society.

The militantes in question will not compromise. They plan to make their list official just “as it was presented.” Today, they launched a campaign on social media to garner support, using the hashtag #DejenLlegarALasMujeres. The campaign is already gaining traction.