Bestie by Bestie. Photo via Los Andes.

Like the rest of the world, the halls of the Casa Rosada are buzzing with “What episode are you on?” and other House of Cards gossip.  Politicians, they’re just like us!

Not our fearless leader though. It seems that President Mauricio Macri does not enjoy the Netflix serialized version of the US presidency. A somewhat shocking development as he is a human with access to a Netflix account. Oh, and also a President. Come on dude, let Kevin Spacey teach you how to appeal to the masses with a honey drawl and normal, non-terrifying eyebrows. No? FINE.

Apparently, Mac is enamored with the Danish political TV series Borgen. It stories the rise to power of Denmark’s fictitious first female prime minister, but with lots of intrigue, soft core scenes, humor and drama. So basically the exact same thing as House of Cards except I mean, like you’ve probably never heard of it. Hipster President, PLEASE.

It’s true that Borgen has been hailed by the media as Europe’s answer to The West Wing, and apparently qualifies as your next hungover Sunday binge-watching activity. Macri agrees,  saying House of Cards, “is not similar to the reality I deal with every day” while designating Borgen as “an extraordinary model of political reality.”Right because the Argentine political reality is akin to Denmark’s. Step right this way for your paternity leave and free everything.

Sexy times in Denmark.

Guess Mac wasn’t a huge fan of when House of Cards tweeted at him. Maybe he’s jealous of all the attention lavished on Pinedo.

Ahora es mi turno, @MauricioMacri.
PD: gracias por la intérprete. FU

— House of Cards (@HouseofCards) March 1, 2016

Meanwhile, Cristina feverishly is trying to get HBO to send her season six of Game of Thrones. Suerte.