Photo via TN

A woman and her three children held hostage by presumed robbers were released after five hours in Munro, Greater Buenos Aires Area, this morning. According to investigators, the perpetrators in questions were purportedly fleeing the police from a previous robbery, running over rooftops until they were able to enter the family’s property. Police forces such as the Halcón (Hawk) Special Operations Brigade (the Buenos Aires Province version of SWAT), the Interdepartmental Support Group (GAD) and various police departments from the area were involved in the negotiations leading to the hostages’ release. No one was harmed throughout the incident and the suspects have been arrested.

Although this happened outside the City of Buenos Aires per se, safety and the risk of being robbed or attacked remain a concern. Just this month, the Criminal Analysis and Planning Directory (DAC) released statistics on home and street robberies, citing Palermo and Balvanera as the top barrios for said potential incidents, respectively.