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The town of Cipolleti, in the Río Negro Province, has banned all male traffic cops from having a beard because according to City Hall “they must have a proper and clean image as a way of showing respect to the population.” Wait, what?

Enrique Sales, the person behind the (controversial?) move, justified his decision by saying that the city “can’t allow an organized and disciplined force, such as the traffic police, to have cases of poor hygiene and presence” since it might “generate distrust from drivers at night during a regular traffic control operation.”

I guess no member of Cipolletti’s vast hipster community will be joining the force soon.

Sales did recognize, however, that out of the 20 officers currently working in the local force, “only one of them has a beard and he’s precisely the state worker’s union representative.”

“For that reason he should lead by example,” he said.

Uh. Sure.

And that’s not all. he also said female officers won’t be allowed to dye their hair because they can’t allow “a woman to show up one day with locks of her hair dyed red or yellow.”

Are dancing and music next on the list? Maybe. We shall see.