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Hip hop has always been an art form inextricably intertwined with social justice, revolution, and community. This week in Buenos Aires, the bar Magdalena’s Party promises to reaffirm this connection, utilizing the hip hop community of Buenos Aires to support a local charity.

Tomorrow starting at 9 PM, Magdalena’s Party will throw a hip hop fundraising night with live music by Trilliam to benefit Club Unión de los Pibes (“The Kids’ Union”) a volunteer organization that works with children living in the southern neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

Photo via the Facebook event for Hip Hop x Los Pibes
Photo via the Facebook event for Hip Hop x Los Pibes

Since it was founded in 2008, Club Unión de los Pibes has worked with communities in neighborhoods like La Boca, Constitución, and Barracas, and has helped foster community, stability, and educational support for the children of working families that are not able to afford childcare. They’ve done such a good job that in 2012, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs in the UK deemed Club Unión de los Pibes as an official recognized charitable company.

While the club’s mission has never wavered, the business of nonprofit volunteer work has ensured that the club itself has had to work hard for financial stability. For a while the club operated out of the public library, where the organization didn’t have to pay rent, but the club director worked unpaid. In 2012, the Club Unión lost the location in Barracas, and Magdalena’s Party donated funds to the organization to help them find a community center.

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Tonight, Magdalena’s Party will team up once again with Club Unión de los Pibes, for the monthly fundraiser “Hip Hop x los Pibes,” or #HHXLP. Hip Hop Night promises “games, auctions, giveaways and all around tomfoolery” according to their Facebook page, and the AR $50 wristband extends happy hour until the end of the night. The Club Unión will collect clothing donations as well as school and art supplies for the pibes. Partygoers can dance until 2 AM, and take full advantage of the city’s characteristic insomnia.


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Shake that thing – for charity

What can you do if you can’t come: Email to volunteer!


Magdalena’s Party, Thames 1795


August 18th 9 PM – August 19th 2 AM

Should I go?

Yes, if you like children and music and aren’t a coward on the dance floor.