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National Electoral Chamber Director Alejandro Tullio gave the nation some hot facts, figures and general information regarding this Sunday’s runoff. This is the first time that Argentina will see an electoral process proceed to a second round in her political history (in case you hadn’t heard), and so, it has been up to Tullio and his team to specify and confirm every last detail.

Here’s a handy fact sheet with some of the details he provided:

  • At 7: 30 AM the military and security guards will take up their positions
  • There will be around 13,500 voting stations across the country
  • 95,000 voting tables will be prepared in time for Sunday’s events
  • The voting will take place in exactly the same place and with exactly the same fiscales, the authorities in charge of each voting table, as last time
  • It is still obligatory to vote
  • If you didn’t vote in the last round, it is still obligatory for you to vote in the second
  • There will only be one ballot sheet, as opposed to various ones printed by each party (there was a lot of controversy over the multiple sheet thing in the last round of elections — read all about it here)
  • The blank vote is valid if you submit a white piece of paper or nothing at all
  • Preliminary results will be released from 7: 30 PM (let’s hope we aren’t left waiting for over five hours this time…)
  • This funky government website will be updated every 5 minutes (I’ve heard The Bubble’s live feed is way better though…)
  • At 10 PM, we will have a pretty solid indication of who is in the lead
  • By 10:30 PM we should have a definite idea of who our new President will be
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In a conversation with Radio 10, Tulio revealed that the statistics would be announced significantly earlier than last time, given that, with only one position to be announced and only two candidates running for the presidency, telegram transportation should be much swifter.

This round will be supervised better, he stated, it was a breeze finding the 100,000 fiscales necessary for the proceedings, he went on, leaving everyone with a reminder that it is obligatory to vote and that you must remember your ID.

Happy voting one and all!