Photo via La Nacion

As of yesterday afternoon, the National Meteorological Service gave us another reason to celebrate seeing the end of 2016, announcing that temperatures are set to soar over 30ºC today and tomorrow.

However, before the dad bods come out in force seeking a tan to bring in the new year; there are some safety measures to take into account. With temperatures expected to reach a high of 32ºC today and 35ºC tomorrow, the National Meteorological Service advised that those potentially vulnerable in such severe heat – primarily infants, toddlers, people over-65 and those with chronic illnesses – should be treated with extra care.

Abue might reach for the whisky in celebration, it’s perhaps best to slide a water bottle her way instead. The same goes for everyone; the most important note emphasised by the National Ministry of Health is hydration – drinking copious amounts of water continuously throughout the day —  as well as consuming fresh foods, fruits and vegetables.

It also goes without saying that all should be armed with sunblock and other means by which to protect themselves from the glare of the sun.

Offering some slight relief, however, is that the weather on the first day of 2017 is set to be well suited for nursing a hangover: cloudy with heavy chance of rain.