You're never leaving that airport. Photo via Daily Mail

Update: According to Infobae, airport workers have decided to continue striking despite President Mauricio Macri’s administration opening a “channel of communication” to try to reach an agreement. However, several flights have managed to depart on time, so you might be in luck.

Did you decide on an impulse to fly away from the City’s horrible cold this weekend after yet another power outage left you without light or heating today? Well, I’ve got bad news for you: you may not be going anywhere due to a workers’ strike.

Yesterday, the Workers’ State Association (ATE) union announced that airport workers throughout the country would go on strike for 48 hours beginning today at 6 AM to protest an agreement that ATE says was signed without them and which jeopardizes state workers’ job stability. The strike is come in effect and everything is a mess.

However, the president of the Argentine Aerial Navigation Company (EANA) — the State-run company that employs these workers — said the strike “has nothing to do with a demand from unions but a dispute between union members themselves.” “Only some ATE members are striking and they aim to affect users and aerial companies,” he added.

In the meantime, expect delays and cancellations.

If you have to fly somewhere, you can check out your flight’s status here.