It’s Thursday and you know what that means: we are back with a new edition of Headlines and Events. And not just any edition, but the ninth! Did you know that nine is the number of magic? It’s also the number of completion, fulfillment, wisdom and good leadership. That can only mean that this has been and continue to be a great week.

In the news part of the video, we’ll go over the government’s initiative to open up a bid to turn an old parking garage in the neighborhood of Retiro into an indoor gourmet food market; the impeachment of Judge Alejandra Velázquez from her post for allegedly, among other things, selling unborn babies – yes, you read that right – and the latest updates in the Santiago Maldonado case. We also take a look at the fact that United Airline’s announced it will start offering direct flights between New York and Buenos Aires from October 28.

When it comes to events, this is what Buenos Aires City has got in store for you: the City government will hold BA Ciencia (science) this weekend. It consists in two days – Friday and Saturday – of talks and experiments in Recoleta’s convention center. You can also head to Teatro Colón to watch the ballet company that will be performing from September 29th to October 7th. Want more? Watch the video!