Photo via La Nación

Despite the fact that official figures have not yet been released, Mauricio Macri’s Cambiemos coalition has announced that there is definitely a runoff and, obviously, created a hashtag to publicize the “news.”

Upon arrival at the center-right candidate’s bunker in Costa Salguero, María Eugenia Vidal (Cambiemos), who is running for Buenos Aires Governor to replace presidential candidate Daniel Scioli (FpV), gave a speech to Cambiemos supporters alongside Gabriela Michetti, in between a few chants (Hay que saltar! Hay que saltar! Ganó Mauricio el balotaje!), with the hashtag #HayBalotaje (#ThereIsARunOff) projected in huge on a screen behind her.

“We’re very happy because tonight we’re entering the second round.”

Here is a handy fact sheet explaining what the second round actually is and what it implies in more detail than a hashtag.

Naturally, the country’s technofiles and the media took to Twitter, with Scioli supporters denying the hashtag’s assumption and Macri supporters cracking out the celebratory emojis. Here are some of the reactions:

Victory Front (FpV) supporters retaliated with #NoHayBalotaje:

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