Photo via Big Bang News

If you have a a vehicle in the City of Buenos Aires, be it a car or a motorcycle, you are now forced to get a Verificación Técnica Vehicular — the dreaded VTV. The new requirement applies to cars that are more than three years old or have 60,000 kilometers, while motorcycles must get inspected after one year. It’s the equivalent of a vehicle inspection in the US or an MOT in the UK: an estimated 800,000 vehicles will have to go through it in the City. If yours is one of them, here’s a guide to walk you through the process.

The VTV checks for fuel emissions, vehicle documentation — it’s important to have your blue card on you, which allows you to drive said vehicle — the tires, suspension, safety equipment, lights, steering wheel functionality, etc. Once you get there, it’s not that bad: the person in charge basically tells you to accelerate, brake, open up your hood. It lasts 20 minutes and you only get out of the car when they check the suspensions.

Here’s how to go about getting the VTV out of the way:

Car owners who don’t have the certificate on them (even with the sticker) will be fined AR$965. If you don’t have the sticker (which means you probably didn’t do the VTV), you’d be fined AR$3,860.