(Photo via TripAdvisor)

Our dear Havanna has partnered with the US True Brands Company to launch its dulce de leche goodness into the homes of (North) Americans. Over the next ten years, Havanna expects to open 80 locations with its home base now open in Miami—naturally.

As part of the agreement, True Brands will import at least US $300,000 in its first year, with an increase of 10 percent each year. Havanna will continue, however, to directly receive profits from the duty-free shops in airports in the US, as we all know that is the most popular last-dash present on our way in/out of the Argentina.

This expansion is going to drop in the most yanqui way possible: “yuuge” market-style shops and drive-thrus for those alfajor emergencies. And yes, Miami already has the largest Havanna store in the world, located about 40 minutes from the Miami International Airport (again, with the last minute gifts).

Currently, there are 220 Havanna stores in Argentina and 85 internationally. CEO of Havanna US Mariano Oliva recognized the marketing change from Argentine model for the bigger is better motto of the US, with a concentrated effort on retail sales. Argentine companies have found it difficult to enter the US market for two major factors: the true market value and the idiosyncrasies of the American consumer in this in this peanut butter driven society.

Häagen Dazs ice cream has given the US a preview to dulce de leche but the real deal in a glass jar may just even give Nutella a run for its money. Though some Cubans may get a surprise walking in the door, at the very least, they’ll be rewarded with chocolate.