Photo via The Big Lead.

Former captain and manager of the national football team Diego Maradona has taken to Facebook to proclaim his support for Victory Front (FpV) candidate Daniel Scioli in the presidential elections in four days time.

The 54 year old explained, “For my country, I want things to be done by the most prepared person, the most serious one, and the one who can sort things out. [Scioli] is reliable and committed to the needs of the people.”

If the Hand of God says it, it must be so.

He also added that, “I’ll be with you on Sunday from Dubai,” before sending a “big kiss to our great President.” Let’s hope it’s just a big kiss he’s sending, as surely he wouldn’t want to upset his newfound sweetheart. 

Photo via Facebook.
Photo via Facebook.

It would also be surprising if he were in Dubai on Sunday, since he’s committed to Twickenham to cheer on the Pumas in the Rugby World Cup. But perhaps we are seeing a bit of diplomacy from Diego, as sending support from London would’ve been a little less popular.

Also on the receiving end of messages of support were Cabinet Chief Aníbal Fernández and La Cámpora, the Kirchnerite youth activist group.