Photo via El Dinamo

Half of the people sampled in a study who bring in any form of income — salaries, pensions, professional fees, welfare and so on — made less than AR $8,000 a month during 2016’s third quarter, according to a study from the Indec statistics agency.

When broadening the sample to a national scale, this represents 12 million people over a total of 24 million who, as far as Indec knows, had any kind of income. The average of these 24 million people is AR $11,127 a month.

When dissected even more, the information reveals that 30 percent of this population made less than AR $5,000 a month. These worrying numbers help to explain the 32.2 percent poverty rate that Indec reported in August.

It is worth mentioning that que the minimum wage in the country was updated last June, guaranteeing a month salary of at least AR $ 6, 810 and is set to increase to AR $8060 in January. It should also be noted that government and independent studies have found that a family needs to earn AR $ 13,335 to remain above the poverty line in Buenos Aires.

According to this last report, half of Argentine families — who can have one or more monthly income —  made less than AR $15,700 a month during the same time period, while the average sum for all households clocked in at AR $20,871.